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Suzanne Rose

Counselling and Psychotherapy

On-Line Sessions

I offer on-line sessions on the same basis as in-person sessions, and by-and-large work in the same way. I primarily use Zoom, although we may agree to use another platform . There are some things to consider about your environment, which may be heightened by the pandemic, if there are others around during the time of your session, and/or you are working from home.  It can be helpful to approach the session just as you would if we were meeting in my rooms.

I recommend

  • making some time between whatever you do before (especially if it is on a screen) and the start of our time 

  • having a few minutes (or more) when the session is over to allow the session to settle, to reflect, to be with yourself 

  • planning to have privacy and being uninterrupted so you feel free to express whatever you need to. Wearing headphones can help, and also stops anyone overhearing what I may say to you. Playing music outside the room can help protect your privacy.

  • ensuring your computer or tablet is charged or plugged in

  • preparing the space for your session so you set the atmosphere, and make it different from other on-line meetings/chats/social gatherings you may have. I recommend

    • making sure you have a comfortable place to sit facing your computer and a stand for your tablet so you don't have to hold it

    • sitting on a seat/sofa if possible 

    • clearing your desk or table of any distractions  

    • turning off any alerts or notifications on your computer/tablet, and closing documents 

    • having water and tissues to hand.


If the internet connection isn't working well, we will go to our agreed back up plan.

I have undertaken additional training to work on-line during the coronavirus pandemic

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift. ”
Mary Oliver
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